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Darren could answer a question about his thoughts on groundhog day and it would end up being the most witty, insightful thing I’ve ever heard and I would probably get emotional and/or aroused.

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I love Klaine a lot, most of y’all know that, but at this point it is just arguments all the time. I get that they are supposed to be a “realistic” relationship, but not every relationship involves that many arguments.

And the worst part is is that these arguments are happening because the way the writers are writing Kurt are making him seem very uptight, annoyed, and kind of stuck up. It does’t seem like he is in love with Blaine at all, even though he is explicitly saying that. There is no proper dialogue between the two, it’s really just Blaine talking at Kurt and Kurt getting really defensive and then it’s back to square one because the problems haven’t really been solved.

Don’t worry, I feel ya.  There is definitely something about the dynamic lately that is making me uncomfortable.  I think its largely due to the fact that all of their problems are pinned to Blaine’s character faults and not Kurt’s.  They are focusing too much on one side of the relationship, which is leading to a seemingly “perfect” yet at the same time, rather cold, Kurt.  And I’m not liking it.  I love these characters.  Both of these characters.  And I love them together.  But something needs to give.  

As for proper dialogue, I couldn’t agree more.  How can one go from, “we talk too much” to telling someone they need to open up to you more.  When Kurt told Blaine maybe they talk too much, I literally shouted “WHAT??”  Communication is the most vital part of any relationship!  And then Kurt chastises Blaine for not being more open with him!  If I were Blaine I would be so confused!   

And then, once again, Kurt takes no responsibility for any of his coldness towards Blaine.  I’m sorry, but I find it to be rather rude to reject a meal someone obviously spent a lot of time on because you’re afraid of the calories it contains.  Also, perhaps standing up your fiance isn’t the best way to tell them you’re upset with them.  And this has been a recurring theme since before they were even together.  I still get angry about how Kurt was allowed to hate on Blaine when he was confused about his sexuality without any sort of apology afterward.  And how the whole Chandler thing was Blaine’s fault, too, because he was feeling insecure.  And while I will never argue with the fact that the cheating was entirely Blaine’s fault and that Kurt is in no way to blame, it still always made me uncomfortable how they never addressed that Kurt was hurting Blaine with his distance in the first place.  While I accept these things as part of their past, things that they have moved on from, it troubles me that the same dynamic is being played out over and over again.  

I dunno, call me a Blaine stan if you want, but I feel like this relationship is often skewed to make Blaine out to be the bad guy, when in reality, this relationship involves the faults of both of them.  And this lack of sharing responsibility for the relationship is really starting to get to me.  When Blaine messes up, which is does, and will continue to, he is made to apologize and discuss why he screwed up in the first place.  As he should.  But they don’t do that with Kurt, and I think its something vital that this relationship is missing.  

I dunno, those are just the thoughts that have been swirling in my head.  I love Kurt and Blaine, and I love them as a couple.  But every episode has left me feeling uneasy, and I hope that it doesn’t continue.  

Not entirely unrelated side note: WHAT HAPPENED TO BODY ACCEPTANCE AND UNDERSTANDING THAT PEOPLE, INCLUDING MEN, COME IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES AND ARE STILL BEAUTIFUL???? What I really wanted from this episode was reassurance that a couple added pounds makes someone no less beautiful or wanted BUT NOPE we must tell them to lay off the alfredo and jog until they hallucinate instead.  Great job glee.    

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How I feel about Klaine right now: 



Kurt and Blaine can have problems. That’s fine. Relationships need ups and downs, especially on television. But lately, I feel like Klaine’s relationship is completely unbalanced and unhealthy. It’s always Kurt attacking Blaine, and it actually hurts…

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I have to drink five pints of hot coconut water every day, with a little garlic salt, some splenda, and a splash of hot sauce, and then you basically jog until you hallucinate.


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Oh my god but Blaine actually talking about his feelings and continuity and his hero complex and wanting to help and not wanting help for himself. 

This is fucking amazing. 

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so that was a great opportunity for body-positive-boys-are-attractive-at-all-shapes-and-sizes moment

but no

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I think the violin is the root of almost everything I do, because there is an attention to detail and a precision, and it’s such a small margin of error. It’s an unbelievable training ground for so many disciplines. Again, it’s given me a particular penchant for harmonics and pitch and execution - and the dynamics of that sound - which goes back to my love of languages and my love of acting. In any scene work, talking is a musical function. A lot of actors, especially comedians, tend to be pretty well versed musicians. They understand cadence and phrasing. I think Bill Clinton would be a great example; he’s not a world-renowned sax player but he’s got a great sense jazz and timing. The bravado when he speaks comes from this sense of knowing how to land things. 

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Men are the smelliest creatures—we need to give a shit about how we smell… I’m a classic guy. I’ve always liked my Old Spice Fresh. I stay away from antiperspirants. I’m one of those hippies who believes sweating is good for you, blah blah.

Men are the smelliest creatures—we need to give a shit about how we smell… I’m a classic guy. I’ve always liked my Old Spice Fresh. I stay away from antiperspirants. I’m one of those hippies who believes sweating is good for you, blah blah.

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I truly believe that all of the things I do are connected, and this brings us back to the beginning of our conversation - with music bleeding into acting and acting bleeding into my love of communication and human beings, and creating a discussion. x

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